humps, humping, humped
1) N-COUNT A hump is a small hill or raised area.

The path goes over a large hump by a tree before running near a road.

2) N-COUNT A camel's hump is the large lump on its back.

Camels rebuild fat stores in their hump.

3) N-COUNT: oft poss N A hump is a large lump on a person's back, usually caused by illness or old age.
4) VERB If you hump something heavy, you carry it from one place to another with great difficulty. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

[V n prep/adv] Charlie humped his rucksack up the stairs to his flat. [Also V n]

5) VERB: V n To hump someone means to have sex with them. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
6) PHRASE: V inflects If someone gets the hump, they get very annoyed about something. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

Fans just get the hump when they lose.

7) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR, PHR after v If you say that you are over the hump, you mean that you no longer have a problem or difficulty that was stopping you being successful or happy.

We're basically over the hump. We've got an economy that's likely to grow next year even more than it did in 1992.

English dictionary. 2008.

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